Thursday, 18 October 2007

Funky DL - Street Swagger Street Album

1. I suppose (Never Before Released)
2. What DL Stands For (Never Before Released)
3. Turn The Mic Up (Never Before Released)
4. High Alert (Duhaney Park Remix) (Remix Extraordinaire CD)
5. Life Goes On (Swagger Mix) (Never Before Released)
6. Flight 111 (Never Before Released)
7. You Know How Rock (Never Before Released)
8. Theme of a Thief (Never Before Released)
9. Number One (Never Before Released)
10. A4 (Swagger Remix) (Never Before Released)
11. I Never Mentioned Your Name (Misery Loves Company) (Never Before Released)
12. My Lyrics (Remix Extraordinaire CD)
13. Next On Line (Never Before Released)
14. High Maintenence (Never Before Released)
15. Icons (Swagger Remix) (Never Before Released)
16. The Story (Swagger Remix)
17. Live Show Interlude (Blackcurrent Jazz Album)
18. Little Mike (Street Love Album)
19. What You Saying Girl? (Blackcurrent Jazz Album)
20. The Biggest Record On The Road Right Now (Never Before Released)
21. Get Ready (Remix) (Greatest Hits Album)
22. Money (The Red Pill & The Blue Pill Volume One Mini-Album)
23. 75 (The Red Pill & The Blue Pill Volume Two Mini-Album)
24. Love Is The Only (Street Love Album)

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

5 Elementz (Jay Dee, Proof, Thyme, Mudd) - The Album That Time Forgot

1. Mo News (interlude)
2. Whutchawant
3. Feedback
4. Rockshows
5. Bumpinsumtin
6. Get Off My
7. Party Groove
8. Janet Jacme
9. Mo News (interlude)
10. Mo News (interlude)
11. Ego
12. Don't Stop
13. World Premier
14. Tha Elementz
15. Searchin
16. Crazze
17. Mo News (interlude)
18. 98 Neva Seen
19. Sun Flower (Bonus Track)

Mekalek - Live & Learn

[1] Even Though feat Time Machine

[2] 2 Nights Ago feat Jesse Calico

[3] The Gritty Bop feat Percee P

[4] Beat Break # 1

[5] Live & Learn feat Big Name

[6] Love Life Money Guns feat Fedd Hill

[7] Beat Break # 2

[8] Here It Is feat Time Machine

[9] Top Of The World feat Shawn Jackson

[10] Beat Break # 3

[11] Face Your Life feat Raw Poetic

[12] Running In Place feat Sparks

[13] Beat Break # 4

[14] Triple J feat Shawn Jackson, Jaysonic & Jahpan

[15] Interlude Cocktail Freestyle feat Cool Calm Pete

[16] 2 For Me 1 ForYou feat Starrs & Murph

[17] Beat Break # 5

[18] Dream Come True feat Shawn Jackson

[19] Incredible Feeling feat Jahpan

[20] Beat Break # 6

Friday, 12 October 2007

One Be Lo a.k.a. Onemanarmy - Project F.E.T.U.S.

Disc 1:
  1. "Intro"
  2. "Anybody"
  3. "Lesson #1"
  4. "Mic Check" (feat. Buff)
  5. "Dro" (feat. Magestik Legend)
  6. "Fast Food Remix" (feat. MC / Compoze / Illite)
  7. "Take It 2 da Stage" (feat. Decompoze)
  8. "What Time Is It"
  9. "Here And Now"
  10. "Alphabet Soup"
  11. "One Man's Mission" (feat. Virus on the Cuts)
  12. "WaterWorld"
  13. "The Grinch That..."
  14. "Sportz Illa" (feat. Virus on the Cuts)
  15. "Candlestick"
  16. "What it's All About (Remix)" (feat. Compoze)
  17. "Double Essay (S.S.A.)" (Remix)
  18. "Freakin Flowz" (Remix)
  19. "One Man Army" (Remix)

Disc 2:

Alternate Versions & Remixes (17 tracks)

Friday, 5 October 2007

Wulure ( or

Foniké - Rap de Guinée
Vidéo envoyée par Iron-B

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

One Be Lo's Subterraneous Records Presents WaterWorld Too

  1. "Emerge-In-Sea Intro"
  2. "Substance" feat. Magestik Legend, Malaki, One Be Lo; prod. One Be Lo
  3. "Subterraneous" feat. Magestik Legend, One Be Lo; prod. Ironiclee
  4. "The Saga Continues" feat. Kodac, Decompoze, Illite; prod. One Be Lo
  5. "Splash" feat. One Be Lo, Decompoze, Kodac, Buff; prod. One Be Lo
  6. "Rivers Run Wild" feat. One Man Army, Kodac, Illite, Magestik Legend; prod. Decompoze
  7. "Monsters" feat. Magestik Legend, One Be Lo, Malaki; prod. One Be Lo
  8. "Mag(nificent) 7" feat. Magestik Legend, Illite, Kodac, Nova Cain, Malaki, One Be Lo, Vital; prod. One Be Lo
  9. "Waterlude" feat. Illite, Malaki; prod. One Be Lo
  10. "Player Haters" feat. Magestik Legend, Kodac, One Be Lo, Illite, Octaine; prod. Chic Masters
  11. "Word Em Up" feat. Boy One Da, Magestik Legend, Illite, Kodac; prod. Phrikshun
  12. "Life In The Fast Lane" feat. One Be Lo, Illite, Magestik Legend; prod. One Be Lo
  13. "Pistons" feat. Illite, Kodac, The Anonymous, KLM; prod. Chic Masters
  14. "Jokes On You" prod. Chic Masters
  15. "Mental Planes" feat. One Be Lo, Magestik Legend, Malaki; prod. One Be Lo
  16. "Double Essay's (S.S.A)" feat. One Be Lo; prod. Phrikshun
  17. "Millipede" feat. One Man Army, Decompoze, Magestik Legend; prod. One Be Lo
  18. "Beat Break" feat. DJ Virus
  19. "Waterworld Wide" feat. Nick Speed, Magestik Legend, Illite, Kodac, One Be Lo, Malaki, Octaine; prod. One Be Lo