Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Oibara - The Deadly Ritual

01 The Deadly Ritual (prod. by Mütos & Onyx)
02 Fury (prod. by Dagliostro)
03 Parasiten (prod. by High Chief)
04 Schatten Roninz (prod. by Sativahh & Drunken Monk)
05 Reise In Die Leere (prod. by Psychodoc)
06 Dreamz (prod. by Mark Rockwell)
07 U.S.S.R.M 4 ever feat. Jade Yu & Ronin Priest (prod. by Vasco Division)
08 Ich Hab Euch Gesagt (prod. by MKX)
09 Wer Sind Wir (prod. by Monkay)
10 Vera݈nderung (prod. by Fonka)
11 Reflecting Hate (prod. by Brennfett)
12 Alone In The Hole feat. Iguan, Born One, Mister Pen & Sharon (prod. by Kid Crate Digger)
13 Kannst Du_s Fu݈hlen (prod. by Unknown)
14 Tel Lie Vision feat. Life Scientist & Killa Mila (prod. by Nakmuay)
15 God Bless Haiti (prod. by Fonka)
16 Die Letzten feat. Ill-Yes (prod. by MKX)
17 Ko݈nnt Ihr Mich Ho݈ren (prod. by Trigga Traxx)
18 Assassin Monks (prod. by Nakmuay)
19 Outlawz feat. Street (prod. by Infinite Beats)
20 Seppuku feat. Dellah (prod. by Mütos)

Life Scientist - Majestic Manslaughter

01. Bloodbath
02. Dart Clappa
03. Majestic Manslaughter
04. Snake Country
05. Space Invader
06. The Struggle featuring Ronin Priest
07. Tha Chambah

All tracks produced by Ill Majestic

Friday, 22 April 2011

Lacro - De passage

01. De Passage - Intro ( Prod Comtox )
02. Tiens bien la laisse ( Prod by Fost )
03. Bonhomme Feat. Rask ( Prod by Nahtee )
04. Pas De Temps A Perdre ( Prod by Bonzer )
05. Keuss ( Prod by Prodzillah )
06. C'est Juste Ma Th‚rapie Feat. Rask ( Prod by High chief )
07. A Qui La Faute ! ( Prod by Madpressure & High chief )
08. Le Mot Juste Feat Nadjela ( Prod by High chief )
09. De Passage Feat. Dj Topic ( Prod by Prodzillah )
10. Je Repartirai Comme Je Suis Venu - Outro ( Prod by Comtox )

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Guani oh !!

Monday, 18 April 2011

LCOB rulez !

Friday, 15 April 2011

Friday, 8 April 2011

Demonios Sekt - Circles

01- the demonios circles intro feat bizzy - cutz dj coach one - prod by mir the bloody
02- smoke bein broke feat demonios sekt 2nd circle mcs prod by kwervo
03- futuro inesperado feat jago prod by lighttown shadow
04- bohemian life feat kachin and sai prod by kachin
05- army of darkness feat filthy habits and o-beast - prod by mir the bloody
06- the awakening feat the jotaka - scoti styles and explicito prod by kwervo - guitars by scoti styles
07- sik mafakaz feat scoti styles - life scientist - labal-s prod by kachin - guitars by scoti styles
08- elevators feat noodles and mad dukes prod by lighttown shadow
09- freedom feat torner - sai and verb prod by kwervo - cutz by dj joon
10- don't hesitate feat destiny lab prod by mir the bloody
11- black feat lt mana - gravestone face - dark guerilla chato prod by kachin
12- barbarian fist feat him-lo prod by lighttown shadow
13- the last laugh feat matt maddox and d-cap prod by kwervo
14- ascension feat lost order of the ascients prod by mir the bloody
15- la jungla concreto feat the jotaka and explicito prod by kachin
16- bodegaz rapz feat him-lo prod by lighttown shadow
17- resos perversos feat katha - the jotaka and tarantino prod by kwervo
18- crucifixion feat misguided and katha cutz by dj joon - prod by mir the bloody
19- choppin' headz feat gravespace prod by lighttown shadow
20- forest of shadows feat det the bomb and life scientist prod by kachin
21- demon sound ft. basci, life scientist, d-cap, jenkinz, das c, s.a.i.d., xplicito, the jotaka (cutz dj coach one - prod mir the bloody)
22- the demonios circles outro feat alost prod by kachin

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Joey Menza & Katha - Da Tape

01- love and hate - j.menza-katha prod by dj swordkilla
02- 3 dead dogs - j.menza-katha prod by norman krates
03- empires - j.menza-katha prod by goldsmith
04- halfway to paradise - J. menza-katha prod by bruva grimm
05- letter bombs - j.menza-katha prod goldsmith
06- realness - j.menza-katha prod by dj swordkilla
07- death is certain - j.menza-katha prod by emphasized beats
08- danger zone - j.menza-katha prod by goldsmith
09- burnin' - j.menza-katha prod by boola records
10- the night - j.menza-katha-ares prod by goldsmith
11- the word - j.menza-katha-cutz by dj twisted prod by kachin