Thursday, 6 January 2011

USSRM French-Division - Hip Hop 4 eva EP

Intromental [Prod 3rd Chambah]
Tanto Tempo [Prod High Chief - Cuts Dj Twisted]
Ca tue [Prod High Chief]
Le spectre du Plateau [Prod High Chief]
Interlude [Prod Piart]
Back in da game [Prod High Chief]
Sinking Deadly mud (Feat. Dark Energy)[Prod DiVine]
Hip Hop 4 eva [Prod High Chief - Cuts Dj Twisted]
Da Ronin Express (Feat. Shinobi Kush & Dark Energy)[Prod High Chief]
Outro [Prod High Chief]

Soob - Enter the Polish Chamber

01. House of Traps (Intro)
02. Chop Off Your Head
03. Knowledge Chamber
04. Bloody Daggerz
05. Sentimental Swordzman
06. Shaolin Student (Outro)
07. Unknown Swordzman (Bonus) [Prod. Beny Assassin]

The Soob Space

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