Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Lost Children of Babylon - The Triangle of Babylon Chapter 2 - CLX

for all the fanz of lcob, here is the next chapter of the triangle of babylon series which will take you on a journey through revelations. on this chapter it will be much more experimental, so look forward to hearing exclusive never before heard remixes, from the protectors of spiritual hip-hop.

Special shout out goes to the cuban-linx family who helped with this project
keepin it underground- Dj Jheat, Imbrator, High Chief & Omni3 for producing and mixing, big upz to our gfx masta Tempz for continued input. all the blogs and websites out there- HHB, Wu-Int, Wu-Corp & TheCryptOnline.

Peace + Blessings to all LCOB Fam
Propz to Supashrooms for this dope project !!!