Saturday, 15 September 2007

Shing02 - 400

SHING02 -01- Incision
SHING02 -02- 400
SHING02 -03- 44K
SHING02 -04- S02-2102
SHING02 -05- Citylife Xlude
SHING02 -06- Temple of Dreams
SHING02 -07- Whirlwind
SHING02 -08- UFO Xlude
SHING02 -09- 3min Drill
SHING02 -10- Ultra-H
SHING02 -11- Edo Funk
SHING02 -12- JAL002
SHING02 -13- Sunday Break
SHING02 -14- Stat 108
SHING02 -15- Yukoku
SHING02 -16- Psych Xlude
SHING02 -17- Suck On My Dub
SHING02 -18- Alive.
SHING02 -19- Humanity Xlude
SHING02 -20- Sand Saga
SHING02 -21- Genome of Life
SHING02 -22- Suture
SHING02 -23- bonus song (ajo funk)


Baysic said...

heard this guy on some nujabes tracks.. ill check it out.

Bryan Rollins said...

THANKS! I been lookin for this for 2 years. very rare!

ashogo said...

damn, you rock for posting this. It's hard to find shing tracks.

Anonymous said...

awesome, thanks for upload!

Anonymous said...

THX for the UP !

Anonymous said...

Merci beaucoup, en Francais siouplait, jacheterais quand jaurais les thunes Inch'Allah =)