Monday, 6 December 2010

Cuban-Linx Presents - The Master And The Student Vol.1

02-Ode 2 The Wu-Black Jesus Ft. Harlem 6
03-Iron Godsmen Vs The Bronzemen-Whyz Ruler Ft. Crown Vic, Kevlaar 7, Bronze Nazareth, Thirstin Howl The 3rd, Salute The Kid & Nigel Prime
04-Dynamic Duo-J-Dubs & Joe Mafia
05-Drama-U-God Ft. INF-Black, Kawz & LethaFace
06-Blood Brothers-Watchmen
07-Marxman Vs Ninja-Twin Perils
08-Killa Bushido Blade-Killer Falcon & Lotus Chief
09-Shadow Goverment-The Lost Children Of Babylon
10-Neckbone-Rza Ft. Rockin' Da North, Cilvaringz & Ganz
11-Da N -Mathematics Ft. Wu Tang Clan
12-Fallen Kings-Anabolic Ft. White Lotus
13-The Links-Co-Defendants Ft. Beretta 9 & Buddah Monk
14-Wu Warriors-SandrAo Ft. U-God
15-Snakes-Ol' Dirty Bastard Ft. RZA, Masta Killa, Buddha Monk & Killah Priest
16-The Weeping Tiger-Cilvaringz Ft. Raekwon, Ghostface Killah & RZA
17-Thats Whats Happening-Remedy Ft. Lounge Lo & Solomon Childs
18-Wayz Of The World-Tragic Allies & Vendetta Kings
19-Iron Wolf Cry-Nomad Ft. White Lotus
20-Turn It Up-Commitee Ft. Rugged Monk
21-Bang Hard-T.R.A.C Ft. Cappadonna
22-Verbal Tai Chi-Amos The Anceint Prophet Ft. Sinister Stricken & White Lotus
23-Transporting-Remedy Ft. Jo Jo Pellegrino
24-Loud And Clear-Jon Murdok Ft. Scientific