Friday, 11 March 2011

Bloody Monk Consortium – Unofficial Album Preview (2011)

1. Call It Whatchu Want prod. Illstar
2. B.M.C Imperial Skillz Emperor
3. Axe Murder Blood Bros prod. by FuckRICO

4. Elesdee prod. by lex luger

5. Run It feat C-Rayz Walz, Damo and Teton prod. by lex luger

6. Bloodshed prod. by lex luger
7. Left Handed Violinist feat. 2ugli prod. Snowgoons
8. The Mission prod. Niko La Tesla
9. Fallen Angelz prod. by FuckRICO
10.Dead Speaks prod. by FuckRICO

11.Logic Fly prod. by Logic Fly

12.Blood Letter prod. lex luger

13.Creepers prod. lex luger

14.Dead Silence prod. Kebo

15.The Curse prod. lex luger

16.From the Hood feat. Timbo King & 2ugli prod. Al'Tarba

17.BANG! prod. lex luger

18.Nightmare on Hemp Street prod. Hemperor K

19.Exit feat. Teton prod. Kebo

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