Sunday, 29 April 2007

Lewis Parker - Put A Beat 2 A Rhyme

01.milk -intro

02.jay-z -dirt of your shoulder
03.ini -fakin jax
04.mop -pounds up
05.the un -d.o.a
06.terror squad -lean back
07.mobb deep -drop a gem on 'em in the dirt -skit
09.fat joe -firewater york -skit -rude awakening
12.royce da 5'9" -boom
13.bill cosby -skit lo -come on
15.children of the corn -a star is born -mudslide
17.drama cue -skit moon -war zone
19.raekwon -smith bros
20.freddie foxx -i come to war


Aidan said...

Yo, have you still got this? Could you send me a link?


A BaD MaThaFaKa! said...

y0, maaan can u please send the link with this dope shit?! Than u man!

Ivo said...

yo, man can u please send me the link with this dope shit? Thank u very much MAN!

High Chief said...

You're welcome,
it's done!

Elusive said...

Hey man, the download seems to be down. Is there any way to get it back up?


Elusive said...

Hey, it seems that the file isn't up. Is there any way to get it back up there?


High Chief said...

yes no problema ! now it's working.