Sunday, 29 April 2007

Madvillain - Madvillainy

01. The Illest Villains
02. Accordion
03. Meat Grinder
04. Bistro
05. Raid (feat. M.E.D. aka Medaphoar)
06. America's Most Blunted (feat. Lord Quas)
07. Sickfit [Inst.]
08. Rainbows
09. Curls
10. Do Not Fire! [Inst.]
11. Money Folder
12. Shadows of Tomorrow (feat. Lord Quas)
13. Operation Lifesaver aka Mind Test
14. Figaro
15. Hardcore Hustle (feat. Wildchild)
16. Strange Ways
17. Fancy Clown (feat. Viktor Vaughn)
18. Eye (feat. Stacy Epps)
19. Supervillain Theme [Inst.]
20. All Caps
21. Great Day
22. Rhinestone Cowboy


Anonymous said...

Could you please re-up this album? I'd love to have it, but all links I found on on other blogs are unfortunately down.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, you think you could re up this album? It's mad hard to find, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks