Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Oibara - The Deadly Ritual

01 The Deadly Ritual (prod. by Mütos & Onyx)
02 Fury (prod. by Dagliostro)
03 Parasiten (prod. by High Chief)
04 Schatten Roninz (prod. by Sativahh & Drunken Monk)
05 Reise In Die Leere (prod. by Psychodoc)
06 Dreamz (prod. by Mark Rockwell)
07 U.S.S.R.M 4 ever feat. Jade Yu & Ronin Priest (prod. by Vasco Division)
08 Ich Hab Euch Gesagt (prod. by MKX)
09 Wer Sind Wir (prod. by Monkay)
10 Vera݈nderung (prod. by Fonka)
11 Reflecting Hate (prod. by Brennfett)
12 Alone In The Hole feat. Iguan, Born One, Mister Pen & Sharon (prod. by Kid Crate Digger)
13 Kannst Du_s Fu݈hlen (prod. by Unknown)
14 Tel Lie Vision feat. Life Scientist & Killa Mila (prod. by Nakmuay)
15 God Bless Haiti (prod. by Fonka)
16 Die Letzten feat. Ill-Yes (prod. by MKX)
17 Ko݈nnt Ihr Mich Ho݈ren (prod. by Trigga Traxx)
18 Assassin Monks (prod. by Nakmuay)
19 Outlawz feat. Street (prod. by Infinite Beats)
20 Seppuku feat. Dellah (prod. by Mütos)

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