Friday, 8 April 2011

Demonios Sekt - Circles

01- the demonios circles intro feat bizzy - cutz dj coach one - prod by mir the bloody
02- smoke bein broke feat demonios sekt 2nd circle mcs prod by kwervo
03- futuro inesperado feat jago prod by lighttown shadow
04- bohemian life feat kachin and sai prod by kachin
05- army of darkness feat filthy habits and o-beast - prod by mir the bloody
06- the awakening feat the jotaka - scoti styles and explicito prod by kwervo - guitars by scoti styles
07- sik mafakaz feat scoti styles - life scientist - labal-s prod by kachin - guitars by scoti styles
08- elevators feat noodles and mad dukes prod by lighttown shadow
09- freedom feat torner - sai and verb prod by kwervo - cutz by dj joon
10- don't hesitate feat destiny lab prod by mir the bloody
11- black feat lt mana - gravestone face - dark guerilla chato prod by kachin
12- barbarian fist feat him-lo prod by lighttown shadow
13- the last laugh feat matt maddox and d-cap prod by kwervo
14- ascension feat lost order of the ascients prod by mir the bloody
15- la jungla concreto feat the jotaka and explicito prod by kachin
16- bodegaz rapz feat him-lo prod by lighttown shadow
17- resos perversos feat katha - the jotaka and tarantino prod by kwervo
18- crucifixion feat misguided and katha cutz by dj joon - prod by mir the bloody
19- choppin' headz feat gravespace prod by lighttown shadow
20- forest of shadows feat det the bomb and life scientist prod by kachin
21- demon sound ft. basci, life scientist, d-cap, jenkinz, das c, s.a.i.d., xplicito, the jotaka (cutz dj coach one - prod mir the bloody)
22- the demonios circles outro feat alost prod by kachin

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